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Abubakari, Abdul-Razak and Cousins, Rosanna and Thomas, Cecil and Sharma, Dushyant and Naderali, Ebrahim (2018) Do work characteristics influence quality of life among people with diabetes? Diabetic Medicine, 35 (Sup1). p. 178. ISSN 0742-3071

Al-Azami, Salman and Shakur, Tasleem (2018) Saratchandra’s Devdas: A Comparison Between the Original Bengali Text and its Two Hindi Film Adaptations. South Asian Cultural Studies. pp. 62-71. ISSN 1749-6764

Alberti, Riccardo and Secco, Emanuele Lindo and Nagar, Atulya K. (2018) Positional Non-Cooperative Equilibrium. The Journal of Game Theory, 7 (2). ISSN 2325-0046 (Accepted for Publication)

Alizadehkhaiyat, Omid and Norris, Jessica (2018) Electromyographic Activity of selected Trunk, Core, and Thigh Muscles in commonly used Exercises for ACL Rehabilitation. Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 30 (4). pp. 642-648. ISSN 0915-5287 (Accepted for Publication)

Anagnostakis, Dimitrios (2018) Book review: Theorizing Internal Security Cooperation in the European Union by Raphael Bossong and Mark Rhinard (eds). Political Studies Review, 16 (1). ISSN 1478-9302 (Accepted for Publication)

Anderson, Gary (2018) Afterword: Children Ruin Everything. Performance Research, 23 (1). (Accepted for Publication)

Anderson, Gary and Senior, Adele (2018) Editorial: ON Children. Performance Research, 23 (1). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1352-8165 (Accepted for Publication)

Angell, Peter J. and Green, Daniel J. and Lord, Rachel and Gaze, David and Whyte, Greg and George, Keith P (2018) ACUTE CARDIOVASCULAR RESPONSES TO RESISTANCE EXERCISE IN ANABOLIC STEROIDS USERS: A PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION. Science & Sports. ISSN 0765-1597 (Accepted for Publication)

Anuradha, Ranasinghe and Prokar, Dasgupta and Atulya, Nagar and Thrishantha, Nanayakkara (2018) Human Behavioral Metrics of a Predictive Model Emerging During Robot Assisted Following Without Visual Feedback. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. ISSN 2377-3766 (Accepted for Publication)

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Atas, Natalija (2018) The immediate impact of the global financial crisis and neo-liberal austerity policies on the in-work poverty dynamics in Lithuania. Journal of Baltic Studies. ISSN 0162-9778 (Accepted for Publication)


Bamber, D and Gransden, C.A. (2018) Learning from a Premium Dining Restaurant to Implement a Delight Strategy in a Bar/Grill: Applying Experiential Learning. In: Experiential Learning for Entrepreneurship. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 165-183. ISBN 9783319900049

Bansal, Jagdish Chand and Farswan, Pushpa and Nagar, Atulya K. (2018) Design of wind farm layout with non-uniform turbines using fitness difference based BBO. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. ISSN 0952-1976 (Accepted for Publication)

Bansal, Jagdish Chand and Gopal, Anshul and Nagar, Atulya K. (2018) Stability Analysis of Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation. ISSN 2210-6502 (Accepted for Publication)

Barden, Owen (2018) Building the mobile Hub: mobile literacies and the construction of a complex academic text. Literacy. ISSN 1741-4350

Bartram, Brendan and Hathaway, Tanya and Rao, Namrata (2018) Understandings of ‘Teaching Excellence’ in Higher Education: A comparative study of English and Australian academics’ perspectives. Journal of Further and Higher Education. ISSN ISSN: 0309-877X, ESSN: 1469-9486 (Accepted for Publication)

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Bennett, Alice (2018) ‘A Ridiculous Thing that Passes for a Passport’: Seeking Asylum in Ali Smith’s Fiction. Contemporary Women's Writing. ISSN 1754-1484 (Accepted for Publication)

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Bolt, David (2018) Cultural Disability Studies in Education: Interdisciplinary Navigations of the Normative Divide. Routledge Advances in Disability Studies . Routledge, Abingdon and New York. ISBN 1138103276 (Accepted for Publication)

Budd, Richard (2018) Eliciting the institutional myth: exploring the ethos of ‘the university’ in Germany and England. European Journal of Higher Education, 8 (2). pp. 135-151. ISSN 2156-8235


Caronongan III, A and Gorgui-Naguib, H and Naguib, RNG (2018) The Development of Intelligent Patient-Centric Systems for Healthcare. In: Theories to Inform Superior Health Informatics Research and Practice. Healthcare Delivery in the Information Age . Springer International Publishing. ISBN 9783319722863 (Accepted for Publication)

Carter, V A and Moravcova, A and Chiverrell, R C and Clear, J L and Finsinger, W and Dreslerova, D and Halsall, K and Kunes, P (2018) Holocene-scale fire dynamics of central European temperate sprucebeech forests. Quaternary Science Reviews, 191. pp. 15-30. ISSN 0277-3791

Carter, Vachel and Chiverrell, Richard and Clear, Jennifer and Kuosmanen, Niina and Moravcova, Alice and Svoboda, Miroslav and Svobodova-Svitavska, Helena and van Leeuwen, Jacqueline and van der Knapp, Willem (2018) Quantitative Palynology Informing Conservation Ecology in the Bohemian/Bavarian Forests of Central Europe. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8. ISSN 1664-462X

Cawley, Anthony (2018) Digital transitions: The evolving corporate frameworks of legacy newspaper publishers. Journalism Studies. ISSN 1461-670X (Accepted for Publication)

Cawley, Anthony and Lima, Helena and Kruglikova, Olga and Birkner, Thomas (2018) The ‘New’ Newspapers: The Popular Press in Britain, Portugal, Russia and Germany, late-1800s to early-1900s. In: The Handbook of European Communication History. Wiley Blackwell. (Accepted for Publication)

Cerutti, Rita and Zuffianò, Antonio and Spensieri, Valentina (2018) The role of difficulty in identifying and describing feelings in non-suicidal self-injury behaviour (NSSI): Associations with perceived attachment quality, stressful life events, and suicidal ideation. Frontiers in Psychology. ISSN 1664-1078 (Accepted for Publication)

Chassy, Philippe and Malone, James J. and Clark, Daniel P. A. (2018) A mathematical model of self-organisation in football. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. ISSN 2474-8668 (Accepted for Publication)

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Chorley, Alan and Bott, Richard and Marwood, Simon and Lamb, Kevin (2018) Reconstitution of W' in recovery slows with repeated bouts of maximal exercise. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. ISSN 1555-0265 (Accepted for Publication)

Cook, Tina and Atkin, Helen and Wilcockson, Jane (2018) Participatory Research Into Inclusive Practice: Improving Services for People With Long Term Neurological Conditions. Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 19 (1).

Corbett, Steven and Alan, Walker (2018) Between neoliberalism and nationalist populism: what role for the 'European social model' and social quality in post-Brexit Europe? Social Policy and Society. ISSN 1474-7464 (Accepted for Publication)

Corbett, Steven and Walker, Alan (2018) Introduction: European Social Policy and Society after Brexit: Neoliberalism, Populism, and Social Quality. Social Policy and Society. ISSN 1474-7464 (Accepted for Publication)

Corzato, Gabriele and Secco, Luca and Rasheed, Arslan and Nagar, Atulya K. and Secco, Emanuele Lindo (2018) E-Mobility: smart grid and charging session of electric vehicles. In: 3rd EAI International Conference on Smart Grid and Innovative Frontiers in Telecommunications (SMARTGIFT 2018),, 23-24 April, 2018, Auckland, New Zeeland. (Accepted for Publication)

Corzato, Gabriele and Secco, Luca and Vitella, A and Nagar, Atulya K. and Secco, Emanuele Lindo (2018) E-Mobility: dynamic mono-phase loads control during charging session of electric vehicles. AIMS Electronic and Electrical Engineering. ISSN 2578-1588 (Accepted for Publication)

Cousins, Rosanna and Pettigrew, Anne and Ferrie, Olivia and Hanley, Rick (2018) Understanding processing of facial emotion expressions in Parkinson's disease. In: British Psychological Society Cognitive Section Annual Conference, August 29-31 2018, Liverpool Hope University. (Unpublished)

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Ferguson, Trish (2018) Machinations versus mechanization: Desire in Thomas Hardy’s “On the Western Circuit”. Fathom, 5. ISSN 2270-6798

Forkert, Annika (2018) 'Always a European': Edward Clark’s Musical Work. The Musical Times. (Accepted for Publication)

Forkert, Annika (2018) Beauty among Beasts? Maconchy, Walton, Tippett, and Britten. In: Elizabeth Maconchy. Music as Impassioned Argument. Studien zur Wertungsforschung . Universal Edition, Graz, pp. 63-85.

Forkert, Annika (2018) Theosophy and Modernism. In: British Music and Ideology, 15 May 2018, Institute for Music Research, London.


Gerbino, M. and Zuffianò, Antonio and Eisenberg, Nancy and Castellani, Valeria and Luengo Kanacri, Bernadette Paula and Pastorelli, Concetta and Caprara, Gian Vittorio (2018) Adolescents' Prosocial Behavior Predicts Good Grades Beyond Intelligence and Personality Traits. Journal of Personality, 86 (2). pp. 247-260. ISSN 00223506

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Harjunen, Ville and Spapé, Michiel M. and Ahmed, Imtiaj and Jacucci, Giulio and Ravaja, Niklas (2018) Persuaded by the Machine: The Effect of Virtual Nonverbal Cues and Individual Differences on Compliance in Economic Bargaining. Computers in Human Behavior, 87. pp. 384-394. ISSN 0747-5632 (Accepted for Publication)

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Herat, Manel (2018) You could so easily od like: Clause final and other pragmatic functions of like in Liverpool English speech. International Journal of Language Studies, 12 (2). pp. 87-112. ISSN ISSN: 2157-4898 | eISSN: 2157-4901

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Hodkinson, Alan and Smith, Christine (2018) Chronology and the new National Curriculum for history: is it timeto refocus the debate? Education 3-13. ISSN 0300-4279 (Print), 1475-7575 (Online) (Accepted for Publication)

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Hosein, Anesa and Rao, Namrata (2018) Migrant academics and their academic development training needs. Educational Developments, 19 (1). ISSN 1469-3267 (Accepted for Publication)

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Koehn, Stefan and Donald, Benjamin and Paramei, Galina V. (2018) Antecedents of Flow and the Flow-Performance Relationship in Cricket. Kinesiology: International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Kinesiology. ISSN 1331-1441 (Accepted for Publication)

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Moloney, Donal (2018) Menzel's Foot. [Show/Exhibition]

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