We can guide search by a set of colours, but are reluctant to do it.

Stroud, Michael J and Menneer, Tamaryn and Kaplan, Elina and Cave, Kyle R and Donnelly, Nick (2018) We can guide search by a set of colours, but are reluctant to do it. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 81 (2). pp. 377-406. ISSN 1943-3921


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For some real-world color searches, the target colours are not precisely known, and any item within a range of color values should be attended. This, a target representation that captures multiple similar colours would be advantageous. If such multicolour search is possible, then search for two targets (e..g Stroud, Menneer, Cave and Donnelly, 2012) might be guided by a target representation that included the target colours as well as the continuum of colours that fall between the targets within a contiguous region of color space. Results from Stroud et al (2012) suggest otherwise, however. The current set of experiments show that guidance for a set of colours that are from a single region of color space can be effective if targets are depicted as specific discrete colours. Specifically, Experiments 1-3 demonstrate that a search can be guided by four and even eight colours given the appropriate conditions. However, Experiment 5 gives evidence that guidance is sometimes sensitive to how informative the target preview is to search. Experiments 6 and 7 show that a stimulus showing a continuous range of target colours is not translated into a search target representation. Thus, search can be guided by multiple discrete colours that are from a single region in color space, but this approach was not adopted in a search for two targets with intervening distractor colours.

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