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Abubakari, Abdul-Razak and Naderali, Mohmmad-Mahdi and Naderali, Ebrahim (2014) Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation and cognitive function: are smaller dosages more beneficial? International Journal of General Medicine (Int J Gen Med.), 7. pp. 463-473. ISSN 1178-7074

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Majkut, Joanna and Sgobba, Miriam and Holohan, Caitriona and Crawford, Nyree and Logan, Andrew and Kerr, Emma and Higgins, Catherine and Redmond, Keara and Riley, Joel and Stasik, Izabela and Fennell, Dean and Van Schaeybroeck, Sandra and Haider, Shozeb and Johnston, Patrick and Haigh, David and Longley, Daniel (2014) Differential affinity of FLIP and procaspase 8 for FADD's DED binding surfaces regulates DISC assembly. Nature Communications, 5. ISSN 2041-1723


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Wright, David and Wakefield, Caroline and Smith, Dave (2014) Using PETTLEP imagery to improve performance: Applying principles from sport psychology to music. Musicae Scientiae, 18 (4). pp. 448-463.

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