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Downey, H and Amano, T and Cadotte, M and Cook, C.N. and Cooke, S.J. and Haddaway, N.R. and Jones, J.P.G and Littlewood, N and Walsh, J.C. and Abrahams, M.I. and Adum, G and Akasaka, M and Alves, J.A. and Antwis, R.E. and Arellano, E.C. and Axmacher, J and Barclay, H and Batty, L and Benítez-López, A and Bennett, J.R. and Berg, M.J. and Bertolino, S and Biggs, D and Bolam, F.C. and Bray, T and Brook, B.W. and Bull, J.W. and Burivalova, Z and Cabeza, M and Chauvenet, A.L.M. and Christie, A.P. and Cole, L and Cotton, A.J. and Cotton, S and Cousins, S.A.O. and Craven, D and Cresswell, W and Cusack, J.J. and Dalrymple, S and Davies, Z.G. and Diaz, A and Dodd, J.A. and Felton, A and Fleishman, E and Gardner, C.J. and Garside, R and Ghoddousi, A and Gilroy, J.J. and Gill, D.A. and Gill, J.A. and Glew, L and Grainger, M.J. and Grass, A.A. and Greshon, S and Gundry, J and Hart, T and Hopkins, C.R. and Howe, C and Johnson, A and Jones, K.W. and Jordan, N.R. and Kadoya, T and Kerhoas, D and Koricheva, J and Lee, T.M. and Lengyel, S and Livingstone, S.W. and Lyons, Ashley and McCabe, G and Millett, J and Montes Strevens, C and Moolna, A and Mossman, H.L. and Mukherjee, N and Muñoz-Sáez, A and Negrões, N and Norfolk, O and Osawa, T and Papworth, S and Park, K.J. and Pellet, J and Phillott, A.D. and Plotnik, J.M. and Priatna, D and Ramos, A.G. and Randall, N and Richards, R.M. and Ritchie, E.G. and Roberts, D.L. and Rocha, R and Rodríguez, J.P. and Sanderson, R and Sasaki, T and Savilaakso, S and Sayer, C and Sekercioglu, C and Senzaki, M and Smith, G and Smith, R.J. and Soga, M and Soulsbury, C.D. and Steer, M.D. and Stewart, G and Strange, E.F. and Suggitt, A.J. and Thompson, R.R.J. and Thompson, S and Thornhill, I and Trevelyan, R.J. and Usieta, H.O. and Venter, O and Webber, A.D. and White, R.L. and Whittingham, M.J. and Wilby, A and Yarnell, R.W. and Zamora, V and Sutherland, W.J. (2020) Training future generations to deliver evidence-based conservation and ecosystem management. Ecological Solutions and Evidence. ISSN 2688-8319 (Accepted for Publication)

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