‘Abyss Calls Unto Abyss’: Tzimtzum and Kenosis in the Rupture of God-forsakenness

Podmore, Simon D. (2020) ‘Abyss Calls Unto Abyss’: Tzimtzum and Kenosis in the Rupture of God-forsakenness. In: Tsimtsum and Modernity: Lurianic Heritage in Modern Philosophy and Theology. Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston, pp. 283-308. (Accepted for Publication)

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In various and dynamic ways, Jewish and Christian thinkers have cultivated profound possibilities for contemplating suffering and evil arising from modern revivals of the mystical notion of a God who reduces Godself in relation to the world. Furthermore, Christian theologians have also identified significant resonances between the kabbalistic notion of tzimtzum and kenosis, epitomised by the elaborations of Jürgen Moltmann which provide the key focus for this essay. Such resonances highlight a shared concern with how the drama of divine self-limitation and God-forsakenness informs understandings of and responses to the mystery of evil. This search for resonance is, as I shall suggest, often negligent towards the irreducible differences which serve as unsettling reminders of Jewish-Christian estrangement past and present.

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Keywords: Holocaust, tzimtzum, kenosis, Moltmann, Fackenheim
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