A Critical Account of the Place of Divine Relations in the Theology of Vladimir Lossky

Casewell, Deborah (2015) A Critical Account of the Place of Divine Relations in the Theology of Vladimir Lossky. New Blackfriars.

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Vladimir Lossky has proven to be an influential theologian in the 20th century, shaping modern Orthodox theology and challenging Western thought. Key to his thought is how he interrelates the Trinity with apophaticism and the distinction he makes between the essences and energies of God. In doing so he critiques a Western view of the Trinity as found in the writings of Thomas Aquinas.Thus, given that he defines theology as complementary to mysticism, and since participation in the energies of the Trinity in deification is the goal of his theology, I shall engage in a critical account of whether his modern Orthodox Trinitarian theology enables him to express the reality of human participation in God or not. I note, as Rowan Williams does in an unpublished thesis, that when discussing the Trinity in Orthodox thought this appears to be ‘a doctrine which is the most radically inaccessible of all to the speculations of the discursive reason, the most totally given of dogmas’. Thus I shall be looking closely at how Lossky’s ‘understanding of theology as “apophatic” . . . is the regulating rule in his trinitarian theology and the understanding of trinitarian categories, such as nature and person’, and how ‘it is also the lens through which he views the filioque’.

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