Tibetan Offerings For solo piano Ian Percy (2007/16)

Percy, Ian Tibetan Offerings For solo piano Ian Percy (2007/16). [Composition] (Unpublished)

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The first sketches for this three-movement work date back to December 2007, the original score was the result of an experiment with a rather lazy compositional approach, where the primary material for each movement was developed at the piano instinctively over a number of weeks. Having sketched formal outlines, dynamic guideposts and rehearsed primary phrases and fundamental rhythms, whilst establishing a familiarity with the pitch materials, the initial score for each of these movements was generated from three part-improvised performances. The scores were then composed around this ‘instinctive’ framework.

Initial composition ceased in January 2008, but work resumed and was completed during a period of composition, revision and recomposition in May 2010. The three movements were edited further and re-notated in March 2016, when the third movement was also partially recomposed.

Inspired by a book of Tibetan Buddhist Offerings (Contemplations), phrases and teachings from the 14th Dalai Lama were referred to as the foundational character through which to emotionally shape the musical material. The subtitles for each movement evolved naturally from the character of the writing.

The approximate duration of the three movements holds proportional reference to the Golden Ratio: a, is to b, what b, is to c. This process was applied in reverse to derive the proportion for the first movement and calculated from the pre-determined lengths of the latter two.

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