Christian Faith, Formation and Education

Stuart-Buttle, Ros and Shortt, John, eds. (2018) Christian Faith, Formation and Education. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-3-319-62802-8

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This is a book about Christian faith, formation and education, written by theologians and educators who are friends and esteemed colleagues. The idea for this volume originated early in 2015 at Liverpool Hope University when a number of staff members working in the field of Christian education met to discuss the theological context and to attempt to identify important issues relating to a Christian engagement in education in terms of teacher formation, school impact, and education as a potential force for good in society. The thinking behind the initial meeting was further developed at a colloquium held in October 2015. This was later followed by an international conference held in June 2016 at Liverpool Hope University, at which a number of chapter contributors presented papers. So the process behind this book, which has been some time in the making, is a story of partnership, collaboration and coming together in dialogue, debate and discussion in the interests of better understanding and of serving Christian education in its broadest sense. Here the role of Liverpool Hope University Centre for Christian Education and Pastoral Theology together with Canterbury Christ Church National Institute for Christian Educational Research is acknowledged, along with the contribution of our many friends and supporters.
This book discusses the relationship between faith, formation and education. Rooted in a variety of discourses, the book offers original insights into the education and formation of the human person, both theoretical and practical. Issues are considered within a context of contemporary tensions generated by an increasingly pluralist society with antipathy to religious faith, and debated from interdenominational Christian perspectives. Including chapters by an international team of experts, the volume demonstrates how Christian faith holds significance for educational practice and human development. It argues against the common assumption that there can be a neutral approach to education, whilst at the same time advocating a critical dimension to faith education. It brings fresh thinking about faith and formation, which demands attention given the fast-changing political, educational and socio-cultural forces of today. It will appeal to students and researchers involved in Christian educational practice.

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