Equidistants and Their Duals for Families of Plane Curves

Giblin, Peter and Reeve, Graham (2017) Equidistants and Their Duals for Families of Plane Curves. Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, 78. (Accepted for Publication)

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We consider the local geometry of a generic 1-parameter family of smooth curves in the real plane for which one member of the family has parallel tangents at two inflexion points. We study the equidistants of this family, that is the loci of points at a fixed ratio along chords joining
points with parallel tangents, as a 2-parameter family depending on the value of the fixed ratio and on the parameter in the family of curves. Codimension 2 singularities of type ‘gull’ arise in this way and are in
general versally unfolded by the two parameters. We also calculate the family of duals of the equidistants; here it is necessary to view them as bifurcation sets of bigerms and they evolve through ‘moth’ and ‘nib’ singularities also encountered in 1-parameter families of symmetry sets in the plane. Finally we show that certain sub-families of the 2-
parameter family of equidistants can be classified by reduction to a normal form.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information and Comments: Electronic version of an article accepted for publication in Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics. © Copyright World Scientific Publishing Company. http://www.worldscientific.com/series/aspm
Keywords: Equidistant, Centre Symmetry Set, Wave Front, Legendrian, Lagrangian, Super Caustic, 1-parameter families of surfaces.
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Date Deposited: 27 Sep 2017 10:37
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