Children’s Social–Emotional Development in Contexts of Peer Exclusion

Malti, Tina and Zuffianò, Antonio and Cui, Lixian and Colasante, Tyler and Peplak, Joanna and Bae, Na Young (2017) Children’s Social–Emotional Development in Contexts of Peer Exclusion. In: Handbook on Positive Development of Minority Children and Youth. Springer, pp. 295-306.

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In this chapter, we review literature on the social–emotional processes of peer inclusion and exclusion from childhood to adolescence with a focus on peer exclusion based on minority status in distinct categories (e.g., ethnicity/nationality, gender, socioeconomic status). We begin with a brief historical review of research on social–emotional development in the context of peer relationships, followed by current research questions and methods. In our review of empirical findings under prevailing integrative developmental theories (i.e., moral emotions theory and social–developmental reasoning theory), we highlight children’s feelings and reasoning in contexts of peer exclusion, and the emotional and behavioral outcomes thereof. We then discuss the risks of failing to address peer exclusion in multicultural societies and offer guidelines and strategies for prevention and intervention. Finally, we conclude with a proposed research agenda that aims to address gaps in the literature and provide avenues for future research.

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