Influence of oxygen uptake kinetics on physical performance in youth soccer

Doncaster, Greg and Marwood, Simon and Iga, John and Unnithan, Viswanath B. (2016) Influence of oxygen uptake kinetics on physical performance in youth soccer. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116 (9). pp. 1781-1794. ISSN 1439-6319

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Purpose: To examine the relationship between oxygen uptake kinetics (VO2 kinetics)

and physical measures associated with soccer match-play, within a group of highly

trained youth soccer players.

Methods: Seventeen highly trained youth soccer players (age: 13.3 ± 0.4 yr, self-
assessed Tanner Stage: 3 ± 1) volunteered for the study. Players initially completed an

incremental treadmill protocol to exhaustion, to establish gaseous exchange threshold

(GET) and VO2max (59.1 ± 5.4 On subsequent visits players

completed a step transition protocol from, rest-moderate intensity exercise, followed by

an immediate transition from moderate-severe intensity exercise (moderate: 95%GET,

severe: 60%∆), during which VO2 kinetics were determined. Physical soccer-based

performance was assessed using a maximal Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test level 1

(Yo-Yo IR1) and via GPS derived measures of physical soccer performance during

soccer match-play, 3 2 x 20min, 11 v 11 matches, to gain measures of physical

performance during soccer match-play.

Results: Partial correlations revealed significant inverse relationships between the

unloaded to moderate transition time constant (tau) and: Yo-Yo IR1 performance (r = -

0.58, P = 0.02) and GPS variables (Total distance (TD): r = - 0.64, P = 0.007, High

speed running (HSR): r = - 0.64, P = 0.008, High speed running efforts (HSReff): r = -

0.66, P = 0.005).

Conclusion: Measures of VO2 kinetics are related to physical measures associated

with soccer match-play and could potentially be used to distinguish between those of

superior physical performance, within a group of highly-trained youth soccer players.

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Keywords: Team sports Intermittent exercise Youth soccer VO2 kinetics
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