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Branca, Stefano and Chester, David K. and De Beni, Emanuela and Duncan, Angus (2017) Landforms and Landscapes of Mount Etna (Sicily): Relationships Between a Volcano, Its Environment and Human Activity. In: Landscapes and Landforms of Italy. World Geomorphological Landscapes . Springer, Berlin, pp. 467-478. ISBN 978-3-319-26192-8

Branca, Stefano and De Beni, Emanuela and Chester, David K. and Duncan, Angus M. and Lotteri, Alessandra (2017) The 1928 eruption of Mount Etna (Italy): Reconstructing lava flow evolution and the destruction and recovery of the town of Mascali. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 335. pp. 54-70. ISSN 03770273

Chester, David K. and Duncan, Angus and Coutinho, Rui and Wallenstein, Nicolau and Branca, Stefano (2017) Communicating information on eruptions and their impacts from the earliest times until the late twentieth century. In: Observing the Volcano World: Volcano Crisis Communication. Advances In Volcanology . Springer. (Accepted for Publication)

Chester, David K. and Duncan, Angus M. (2017) Volcanic Environments. In: Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology. Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series . Springer, Berlin. ISBN 9783319121277

Chester, David K. and Duncan, Angus M. and Coutinho, Rui and Wallenstein, N (2017) The role of religion in shaping responses to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions: a comparison between Southern Italy and the Azores, Portugal. Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences. ISSN 2195-9773 (Accepted for Publication)

Chester, David K. and Duncan, Angus M. and Coutinho, Rui and Wallenstein, N and Branca, S (2017) Communicating Information on Eruptions and Their Impacts from the Earliest Times Until the Late Twentieth Century. In: Observing the Volcano World: Volcano Crisis Communication. Advances In Volcanology . Springer, Berlin, pp. 1-25. ISBN 978-3-319-44097-2

Coutinho, Rui and Chester, David K. and Wallenstein, N and Duncan, Angus (2017) Impactes a curto e longo prazo da erupção dos Capelinhos e respostas à crise (Short-term and long-term impacts of the Capelinhos eruption and the crisis). Boletim Nucleo da Horta, 26. pp. 557-589. ISSN 1446-0022

Hesp, P.A. and Smyth, T.A.G. (2017) Nebkha Flow Dynamics and Shadow Dune Formation. Geomorphology, 282. pp. 27-38. ISSN 0169-555X (Accepted for Publication)

Lyons, Ashley and Ashton, P.A. and Powell, I and Oxbrough, A (2017) Habitat associations of epigeal spiders in upland calcareous grassland landscapes: the importance for conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation, 27 (5). pp. 1201-1219. ISSN 0960-3115

Lyons, Ashley and Powell, I and Ashton, P.A. and Oxbrough, A (2017) Impacts of contrasting grazing management on plants and carabid beetles in upland calcareous grasslands. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 244. pp. 22-34. ISSN 0167-8809

Milligan, G. and Scott, R. and Young, D. and Connor, L. and Blackbird, S. and Marrs, R. (2017) Reducing soil fertility to enable ecological restoration: A new method to test the efficacy of Full-Inversion Tillage. Ecological Engineering, 98. pp. 257-263. ISSN 0925-8574

Morris, J L and Cottrell, S and Fettig, C J and Hansen, W D and Sherriff, R L and Carter, V A and Clear, J L and Clement, J and DeRose, R J and Hicke, J A and Higuera, P E and Mattor, K M and Seddon, A W R and Seppa, H and Stednick, J D and Seybold, S J (2017) Managing bark beetle impacts on ecosystems and society: Priority questions to motivate future research. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54 (3). pp. 750-760. ISSN 0021-8901

Quinn, R and Smyth, T.A.G. (2017) Processes and patterns of flow, erosion, and deposition at shipwreck sites: A computational fluid dynamic simulation. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. ISSN 1866-9557 (Accepted for Publication)

Shahariar, Shayeb and Rooney, Paul (2017) FOOD WASTE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS: A CASE STUDY OF HOPE PARK CAMPUS, LIVERPOOL HOPE UNIVERSITY, UNITED KINGDOM. In: Organic Waste: Management Strategies, Environmental Impact & Emerging Regulations. Waste and waste management . Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York, USA, pp. 1-38. ISBN 1536109207

Solana, M.C. and Calvari, S and Kilburn, C and Gutierrez, H and Chester, David K. and Duncan, A (2017) Supporting the Development of Procedures for Communications During Volcanic Emergencies: Lessons Learnt from the Canary Island (Spain) and Etna and Stromboli (Italy). In: Observing the Volcano World: Volcano Crisis Communication. Advances In Volcanology . Springer, Berlin. ISBN 978-3-319-44097-2

Speake, Janet (2017) Fieldwork: Using visual methods as a tool for field data collection. In: Teaching visual methods in the social sciences. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 978113810134

Speake, Janet and Pentaraki, Maria (2017) Living (in) the city centre, neoliberal urbanism, Engage Liverpool and citizen engagement with urban change in Liverpool, UK. Human Geographies - Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 11 (1). pp. 41-63. ISSN 2067-2284

Stratford, Charlie and Rooney, Paul (2017) Special issue – coastal dune slack hydro-ecology. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 21 (5). pp. 573-717. ISSN 1400-0350

Walker, I.J. and Davidson-Arnott, R.G.D. and Bauer, B.O. and Hesp, P.A. and Delgado-Fernandez, I and Ollerhead, J. and Smyth, T.A.G. (2017) Scale-dependent perspectives on the geomorphology and evolution of beach-dune systems. Earth-Science Reviews, 171. pp. 220-253. ISSN 0012-8252 (Accepted for Publication)

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