Chants of the Spirit Guides Duet for bass flute and violoncello Ian Percy (2014/17)

Percy, Ian Chants of the Spirit Guides Duet for bass flute and violoncello Ian Percy (2014/17). [Composition] (Unpublished)

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This short duet for bass flute and violoncello was composed instinctively in response to the skeletal narrative provided by the title. It is part of a series of miniatures realised for a variety of instruments by the composer during 2014 (edited and part recomposed in 2017) and borrows material from an earlier orchestral work. The virtuosic and mostly homophonic texture has a cyclic, but non-repetitive form as the two-voices sing in consonant twelve-tone harmony through three melodic chants: 1. Chant for mind and body ... 2. Chant for heart and soul ... 3. Melancholy chant for life and death... An introduction (First rays of an ancient summer) and conclusion (Dance of the skeletons) bookend the form, complete the ambiguous narrative and serve to frame the 'linear' chants within an enclosed musical statement. The composer would usually explore the varying soundworlds of the instruments in far more variety and detail (even in such a short movement), but this piece seemed to compose itself into short, harmonised lyrical statements (mystical chants): He decided to keep 'out of the way'…

Item Type: Composition
Faculty / Department: Faculty of Arts & Humanities > Music
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Date Deposited: 30 Nov 2017 15:31
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